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Donut enables us to pair up Campers within Slack and allow them to schedule an outing for themselves, be it in person or virtually. We introduced Donut as an experiment and invited Campers to participate, with an offer to pay up to $10 per pair for coffee or snack. Donut – team member onboarding made fun. The Donut app for Slack lets you send your new employees the information they might need to start their new job or just connect them to an onboarding buddy who can introduce them to the company, its policies, and maybe some good restaurants where they can grab lunch. 07/12/2017 · These Slack add-ons add extra features to the Slack chat you already know and love. There are hundreds of Slack apps for all kinds of purposes, from managing your calendar to getting reminders to get up and stretch your legs. The most interesting ones are the free Slack apps that convert Slack into the hub for your business. With Donut, Emil was able to combine the manager’s checklist and other tips into a complete “drip campaign” that sends critical pieces of information and reminders to new hires as well as managers and other stakeholders via Slack. Standuply easily lets us integrate the two, as it does so much customization. We also love the friction-free design in Slack. It's really easy for everyone to reply quickly, and the automated reminders – and deadline! – keep us all responsible. We've recommended Standuply.

Bots are like having a virtual team member — they can help you manage tasks, run your team standup, poll the office, and more! Mit "Donut" lernt ihr eure Kollegen besser kennen. Dieser Slack-Bot lost per Zufall zwei Mitarbeiter aus dem Unternehmen für ein Treffen aus. Ob ihr euch auf einen Kaffee, Tee oder doch Donut trefft, ist.

Slack bot 5つをまとめてみました。今回は社内コミュニケーション活性化に役立つおすすめのSlack botを集めてみました。Slackをお使いのベンチャーにおすすめです。Donut SimplePoll LunchTrain BirthdayBot Icebreakers. 23/11/2019 · Donut Slack Bot is a tool that strengthens your team's relationships, empathy, and culture by connecting co-workers together to get to know each.

You'll see a Slack authorization page confirming that Donut wants to "confirm your Identity" on Slack. Use the dropdown menu in the upper right to choose the workspace that uses Donut. “Donut hasn’t been added to your Slack team yet.” If you get this message when you try to sign in then it means you signed in using a Slack team that doesn. The Donut Slack Bot status here can help you determine if there is a global outage and Donut Slack Bot is down or it is just you that is experiencing problems.

  1. A Slack bot that helps you get to know coworkers better by regularly pairing people in your Slack team for coffee, lunch, or donuts. Social & Fun Office Management. Share on: 1 Reviews of Donut Post a Review. Matthew Aug 24, 2016. Donut is weirdly good at.
  2. Find the best Donut Slack Bot alternatives based on our research Serendipity, Happenstance, Coworker Coffee, EnkiBot, Slackbot Workout, Tea Minus, SlackBotList, The.
  1. 29/09/2017 · Bots like Donut can make it easier. Donut pairs team members who don’t know each other well by connecting them on a level that matters by encouraging them to meet for coffee, lunch, and — of course — donuts! You can create a dedicated channel for Donut, and it will pair its members via Direct Message DM every 1–4 weeks.
  2. >We've added a new bot named Donut to Slack to help us get to know each other better. @donut will randomly pair everyone in donut-friends-forever every 2 weeks on Monday and encourage them to meet for, 🍩, or 🍔. You can opt in or out by joining or leaving donut-friends-forever.
  3. Donut. Want to hit two birds with one Slack bot? Why not have Donut schedule some employee engagement breaks? Though it may not always feel like it, various perspectives in the office is a good thing. Encouraging collaboration between different teams is a.

14/03/2017 · They use Slack to stay connected. Making a big office feel small. Todd installed the Donut bot to foster community within his lab. Every week, Donut automatically pairs two team members that don’t know each other for a coffee date. Kaplinger explains that at a global corporation like IBM, teams can be spread across many locations and time zones. Home slack bots Donut. slack Donut. Build relationships by getting matched with a new coffee buddy each week. Share. ADD TO slack. Related. slack DonateBot. Quickly find and donate to a variety of worthy causes. slack DonorUA. Check if you're able to donate blood. slack DraftBot.

16/05/2019 · Dieser Slack-Bot macht’s möglich! Donut organisiert Begegnungen, die die Beziehungen im Team stärken sollen. Ab einer bestimmten Unternehmensgröße wird es deutlich schwerer, jedes Team-Mitglied zu kennen. Da steht man im Fahrstuhl plötzlich neben einem völlig Fremden. The pairings can be especially helpful for onboarding, because they help integrate new hires into your existing community. To make things extra fun, you can even share selfies of your donut dates in the Donut channel. Workbot. There are lots of bots that can pull information into Slack.

Donut’s founders came together over a shared passion for forging strong relationships at work and a desire to help others do the same. We are building a company that embodies those ideals while also instilling them in others. 参⁠加⁠し⁠て⁠い⁠る⁠ワ⁠ー⁠ク⁠ス⁠ペ⁠ー⁠ス⁠の Slack URL を入力してください。.. 続行する. ワークスペースの URL が不明な場合 ワ⁠ー⁠ク⁠ス⁠ペ⁠ー⁠ス⁠を⁠検⁠索⁠す⁠る.

The integration in Slack lets you start with the Bitmoji command and then type in a word to describe the kind of Bitmoji you’d like to share. Here’s one of the Bitmoji results from me typing “happy birthday.” Donut. Who doesn’t love donuts? Well, the Donut bot for Slack helps pair up. Meet Donut. Screenshot of the Upstack Slack bot, Donut in action. Screenshot of the Upstack virtualcoffee channel. We created a slack channel, virtualcoffee, where team members are encouraged to chit chat and even share images of their morning coffee. 29/11/2019 · Find your center. Give thanks with donuts on slack. - lizlove/donut-time-bot.

Add apps, get work done Pull reports, start calls, file tickets, and more — right within Slack. To use your Slack App as a bot, first you'll need to create a Bot User for it. Head to your app's settings page and click the Bot Users feature in the navigation menu. You'll be presented with a button marked Add a Bot User, and when you click on it, you'll see a screen where you can configure your app's bot user with the following info.

Cool Bots for Slack. You can think of Slack bots as virtual members of your team that are there to help you run tasks, schedule vacations and more. They are created with one thing in mind: teams. A Slack bot’s main goal should always be to help you automate. 03/06/2019 · Donut makes it easy to automate and customize onboarding journeys for new hires and stakeholders like managers and buddies. Increase productivity, decrease ramp time, and deliver an elevated experience right in Slack. Bot Users are computerized users that behave just like a regular user and can do nearly anything a user would be able to. With a Bot User, you can: Monitor a channel’s activity, and act on it. Post messages and react to users. Receive mentions. Integrate with your backend services. A good example of a Slack App that utilizes a Bot User is Donut. Community Bot - Automate your Slack community management. Community members nominate using /nominate Slack command. You or a team can review and approve before invites are sent.

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